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TECH Talk 2015

For 2015, the events were hosted by Microsoft and presented by Tampa Bay Innovation Center.



January -  Kevin Hourigan (Bayshore Solutions), Dairy of an Entrepreneur Serie

Not as Easy as it Looks: A Technology Growth Story”

February - JJ Roberts (Tampa Bay Innovation Center)

"Pitching Yourself, Your Product and Your Business"

March - Jolene Loos (C&L Value Advisors, LLC

“The Four Ways to Grow Your Business”

April - John West (Hire Velocity), Diary of an Entrepreneur Series

"Finding and Building the Right Team"

May - Art Fyvolent (Ideas4)

“Creative Marketing for Startups and Early Stage Entrepreneurs”

June - Chris Paradies (Paradies Law PA)

“Protect Your Brand – Essentials!”

July -  David Romine, Ryan Dorrell, John Wagner & Jeff Alagood (AgileThought)

Diary of an Entrepreneur Series - “Growth in the Fast Lane”

August                  No TECH Talk

September - Jamie Harden (Creative Sign Designs)

“A Startup from an Unintended Turnaround”

October - Angie Garcia (FrankCrum), Eric Baum (Bluleadz)

“Growing Your Business with Content Marketing: Today’s Digital Marketing Reality”

November - Rosanne Clementi (PadGoRound), Dick Kane (V-I-A-Inc.), Karhrman Ziegenbein (Toonari Corp), Kevin Transue (Make YES! Happen)

Diary of an Entrepreneur Series during Global Entrepreneurship Week:  “Tales from the Entrepreneurial Trenches”

December - Kelley Rexroad (Krexconsulting)   

“”HR update for 2016: What you don’t know can hurt you!”