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TECH Talk 2010
Our 2010 TECH Talk Speakers and Topics are below.
September & November 2010 - Two part series:
Part 1Moderator: Suzie Boland, RFP Communications Group
Panelists: Thomas W. Cardy, myMatrixx; Robin Kovaleski, Florida Venture Forum; Joy Melton, Midtown Partners
Business funding comes in all shapes and sizes. Learn what it takes to get that first investor and what it really takes to keep a business going at the first and second stages.
Part 2 – Kurt J. Long, FairWarning, Inc.
Funding Options for Entrepreneurial Ventures
August 2010 - Kelley Rexroad, krexconsulting
Top 10 HR Issues Facing Business Owners Today
June 2010 - Joseph Warren, Brainstorm Weekly LLC
Entrepreneurial Maps
May 2010 - Debra Curtiss, Peak 10
Data Centers 101
April 2010 - Kandace Lesher, Prudential Financial
Financial Concepts for Entrepreneurs
March 2010 - Ken Evans, IdeaField Coworking
Starup ABC's & Coworking
February 2010 - Erik Vonk, BOTH Holdings
Changing the Way Work Works
January 2010 - Brent Britton, Gray Robinson PA
Top Ten Legal Issues for Entrepreneurs