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StartUp Studio

Startup Studio is a hands-on workshop for founders to determine the viability of an idea or innovation with guidance from expert coaches and feedback from other founders.

StartUp Studio uses Wendy Kennedy’s So what? who cares? why you?® methodology.  The program includes visual models, maps and frameworks to populate and explore the business value.

Upon completion, founders will be able to answer the following questions and will have a plan for their next steps.

So what? What is your idea?  What makes it unique?  What problem is it solving?  What makes it different from what is currently available?

Who cares?  Who is your market?  What are the segments in your market?  What is your path to market?  Where is the money?

Why you?  Should you bring the technology to market?  Should you license the technology?  Should you be the CEO? What other team members do you need?  What is your competitive edge?

Course Overview

  • This is a hands-on coaching program - not training. It's a dedicated space and time to work on the viability of your idea with guidance from expert coaches and feedback from other founders.
  • This is a program of 8 weeks for 2 hours each week. Each week is an interactive session, with founders presenting and discussing a specific aspect of the business value proposition.
  • Founders helping Founders - The program is open to Founders only, sharing experiences and insights with each other.  There are six to ten founders in a program.

Attention Veterans:

The Innovation Center has received a grant from Enterprise Florida, Inc. and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to waive the StartUp Studio program fee for qualifying veteran entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay (limited number available).

For more information, contact Danielle Weitlauf, weitlaufd@tbinnovates.com or (727)547-7340.


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