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Archives - January 2015

Tampa Bay Innovation Center hosts February TECH talk

January 15, 2015
By Tampa Bay Innovation Center

Tampa Bay Innovation Center, an innovation and entrepreneurship center for technology businesses, will hold its February TECH Talk program on Tuesday, Feb. 10, at 8:30 a.m. at Microsoft Headquarter offices, 5426 Bay Center Dr., Suite 700, Tampa.

February’s program, “Creative Marketing for Startups and Early Stage Entrepreneurs,” will be presented by Art Fyvolent, CEO of SyncPointe, an integrated web and marketing company in Tampa. Fyvolent notes that every dollar and every word count for startups, and that being careful, thoughtful and on target with marketing is one of the most important things they can do - from the elevator pitch to advertising, social media strategy and website. He will provide 10 easy-to-use knowledge nuggets that will be a checklist to build a successful brand.          

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Fyvolent has been in the advertising, marketing and web industries for more than 35 years, and has developed web properties for such companies as Oracle, Microsoft and Lexmark.

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